Tax Planning & Preperation

Tax Planning & Preparation

Concerned about your taxes? Do you think you are paying too much in taxes and want to figure out how you can legally pay less in taxes?

Whether you’re an individual who wants to get the most back on their tax return or a small business owner seeking proactive tax planning, we are here to help you.

Ours is a regional accounting firm that has the perfect mix of large-firm resources and small firm attention to detail that has benefitted our tax planning and preparation clients.

We take pride in the relationships we develop with our tax clients and we concentrate on helping them achieve their long-term tax goals and objectives rather than simply viewing our tax relationship as a “once-per-year” tax return.

We work with you to develop a plan that minimizes your tax liability and ensures federal, state and local compliance.

Everyone’s top priority is paying less tax within statutory limits. This is can be possible through proper tax planning. We will provide our services to an individual or a multi-tiered corporation or partnership firm. We have been preparing taxes for many years and will help you stay in compliance with the tax laws.

Our Services

  • Tax Preparation
  • Corporate and Individual Estimated Taxes
  • Strategic Planning Meetings
  • Review Tax Situation and Implementation Tax Reduction Strategies

 We’re diligent about staying up to date on the changing tax laws and certainly will analyze all the tax-saving opportunities accessible to you personally.

We’re dedicated to minimizing your tax liabilities and optimizing your future chances–while staying in complete conformity with legislative acts.

We couple the annual return preparation with inquiries, observations and suggestions about items that emerge during the return preparation process. For many clients, a projection of the next year’s tax is advisable in the latter part of each year.

Our goal is to make the process of tax planning and preparation a simpler process that provides timely, meaningful information and assists you in minimizing your tax liabilities currently and into the future.

We offer our clients 24/7 access to all of their tax information. Contact us at (330) 244-8880