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About Us Our business has been built on assisting people in saving money on their taxes. Our specialties include preparing tax returns and resolving any tax issues for expatriate Americans. Gamblers, teachers, nurses and military face unique tax challenges that we handle with ease.

Our goal is always to process each client’s returns to ensure that they pay the least amount of taxes legally allowed.

Our mission is simple: Your tax return is “our” tax return.

Why work with us?

Our firm is well versed in dealing with all of the complexities of taxes for expatriates. These include: We regularly process the tax returns of many Americans who live abroad.

Gamblers, teachers, nurses and military have distinctly different tax challenges than other tax payers and our firm is especially adept at dealing with these differences. .

Tax laws are ever changing and we keep our clients abreast of the new laws that impact them.   We are always here for you.

It’s important that we are aware of the whole picture of your finances in order to prepare precise tax returens, that assures that you pay the least amount of taxes legally allowed.

We endeavor to know and understand your tax situation and provide you with only the most accurate information available.We also provide the highest quality services and products to help you meet your tax filing obligations.

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